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Are Hybrid Vehicles the Answer to Rising Energy Prices?

An increasingly sad state of the earth makes a lot of parties have to come to work hard to ‘cure’ the disease of global warming. Depends on the expertise, the entire population of earth-conscious environment will be doing his best to improve the environment of diminishing. If plants lovers or farmers trying to streamline the narrow land that can still be filled with plants that are reducing emissions, then the car companies around the world trying to create a low-emission vehicles as well as providing a way out to use fuel other than gasoline.

Some famous car manufacturers even provide additional ‘hybrid’ in the car supporting the green movement. Such as the Honda Accord Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Ford Escape Hybrid, and Honda Civic Hybrid. Plus more hybrid trucks and SUV hybrids have also become very popular today.

Vehicles that use gasoline, of course generate a lot of carbon emissions when compared to hybrid vehicles. Because a hybrid car is one that operates on more than one fuel system. The most common hybrid vehicle combines the energy of fossil fuels with electricity. These cars are primarily run on gasoline, but it is assisted by an electric current supplied by a nickel-metal hydride rechargeable (NiMH) batteries. With the combination of the fuel system, there are two positive results: increased fuel efficiency, and engine exhaust emissions cut.