Transparent Screen on the Latest Smartphone

Nowadays, many technologies have been applied to the smartphone, starting from the facial recognition, the battery saver function, and even the virtual reality and augmented reality features. However, among all of those features, the transparent screen might be one of the most anticipated features that many people are waiting for. That is because this kind of screen is considered as something unique that many people will surely want to get from their smartphone. Therefore, you can also expect to have this feature on your smartphone in the next few years.

For your information, there are some brands and names that have been preparing this kind of feature to be installed on their next products. Some of them are Coolpad, ZTE, and the one and only SONY. Even though Coolpad and ZTE are not the name that can be considered as the most wanted one, but SONY is of course one name that many people are waiting for. In fact, the transparent screen from SONY has been leaked to the market so that many people are waiting for SONY as one of the best manufacturers that will release this kind of feature in the first place.

Even though many people believed that this kind of feature is the kind that will be released the fastest of the next ten years, it seems like this feature will be released soon to the market. That is because nowadays you can find some smartphone that already have the bezel less style. You might want to know that this kind of bezel less style is considered as the seed of the future of the transparent screen feature on the smartphone. Therefore, if you already have the seed, you just need to wait until the fruit is ripe and ready to be launched to the world market.


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