How to Register and Install Mspy on Your Smartphone?

Are you still confused in using mSpy Mobile App ? How to use the mSpy app on Android remains the same as any other app you should install on the target phone. But you need to know, how to get this application is a little different from other applications. Let’s see our review on how to install mSpy application on your smartphone.

# 1 Registration

Of course, before you install the application, you must register first. This registration is also to make payment of mSpy package you have selected. You can try trial version of mSpy which you can use for free within 7 days. When you have entered the official website (, there are 3 stages you have to do.

Stage 1: Select the type of phone according to the type of phone you want to tap. On the menu choose the type of the device you wish to monitor please select (example: android)

Stage 2: Select a subscription. This stage is to select the desired package type. Keep in mind, there are two options on the mSpy package that is Premium and Basic along with features that will get and the price. To be able to see short messages like WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, Skype, Instagram etc. please choose Premium package.

Stage 3: For this phase is the payment stage. Because it is free then it can be canceled after 7 days use. Please check the “I understand that I will not be charged in 7 days if I cancel the subscription” menu. If you have please click GET FREE TRIAL, you will automatically go into payment.

# 2 Payment

If you have entered at this stage, please do the data filling (Billing Information). Please fill in the name with the address, email and phone number. Fill only pseudo data in the column that is already available. Enter also the payment method (Payment Method) can use PayPal or Credit Card. For credit card options can use Visa, Master Card, American Express and JCB Card.

If all data is filled in correctly please press on the “submit order” menu. The process is still not finished. Please open the email listed on billing information. In this email there will be a license number and password that will be inserted at the time instala application.

# 3 The download process

For this installation process is required to do in the target phone. Please download the mSpy application on the site that has been emailed to your email. If you have entered the site there will be a pattern on the box. Please create the appropriate pattern shown on the box. If the pattern you created matches, then the download will light up. Click on the download menu and wait until the download is complete. If it is done, please open the application. Purchase or payment license code must be entered at this stage, please follow as directed by you.

All Android has settings about the installation that is done outside the Play Store. If not in the settings, it will appear blocking. Please do the settings by pressing the Settings menu> Security> Unknown source. Please check the “allow application installations from trusted and unknown sources”.
Also do the settings in the Google Settings menu. On the Service menu please select the Security menu. In the Application Verification menu please uncheck the Scan device menu to find out which security threats Google periodically checks the device and prevents or warns about potential hazards. To see the tapping results please go to the MSpy site. Please log in or log in according to email and passoword at the time of registration. Can use a PC or latop can also use the phone. The tap results are listed.

What do you think? Easy, is not it? Please install your mSpy application, but remember to keep this app for useful things and do not use it for crime. Because if you use the mSpy application for a crime, you can not escape the established law. For purchase, you can read review website before decided to buy (

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