What is the best portable grill for you?

In the open air grilling is something that is fun and usually becomes a holiday schedule to spend with family and friends. Imagine if in the open edge of the woods, set up some tents and filled with exciting events such as singing a song accompanied by guitar sound; tell each other funny or scary events to evoke the atmosphere of the camp. Of course, a bonfire is the most important thing in the event the camp and is often used as a place to burn foods like marshmallows.

Delicious food for the event outside the home of the most preferred is a range of materials that can be grilled foods easily, like a burger or steak. In addition to hot, the atmosphere outside the home that makes us able to enjoy a wide variety of foods without any problems. To facilitate the enjoyment of grilling, of course, needed a portable grill which a professional and reliable in the open air. There are three types of portable grill that you can choose to take with you out and enjoy nature.

1 – Charcoal grills. These types of grills sold at a cheaper price than other portable grills. The enthusiasts of the traditional way, of course, prefer the charcoal grills because it’s easier in using it. Do not need a complicated arrangement. Sufficiently lit charcoal with matches, and can start grilling meat. However, you also have to carry several bags of charcoal and will spend more time to turn it on. Coupled with a charcoal grills, it weighs heavier than other portable grills.

2 – A gas grill. As which semi-modern grills, grills of this type have been become the most preferred. Propane grills will accommodate a small tube that screws to the grill or can be connected to a larger propane tank. Gas grills only take 5 to 10 minutes to heat and heat can be adjusted by turning a simple knob. Of course this is more expensive than charcoal grills. Easy to use, lighter, and simpler is characteristic of a gas grill.

3 – Electric grills. This is the easiest grills to use at once the most expensive among the three grills here. Enough to put it on a power line and you can start using it. Outdoors when the weather is bad, you can use it indoors without fear of polluting large. However, many high-temperature grilling can not be done with 120 volts.

By knowing the three types of grills which most often used outdoors, you are now more able to find out what type of grills you should use that suits your needs.

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