Minimalist theme for your site and reasons why you use it

Minimalist is the word that generally sticks with home design, both interior and exterior. Decision to use a minimalist theme in housing construction is to use the land development that is not too broad, still reflects luxury, but looks with simple shapes. It turns out, the word also exist in a minimalist wordpress theme. Intention of minimalist wordpress theme is a theme that has little or no design and graphics. It’s basically naked theme that you can design from scratch. You could say that this is the initial stage of making a blog that has not been furnished with any templates and more appropriately owned by the bloggers who are not too fond of the complexity of installation template. Those who chose a minimalist wordpress theme is because it is faster to start creating and implementing a website design from scratch than to change the template that is designed.

What is the advantage in this minimalist theme is: it has a built-in customization panel comprehensively and in fact this is a child theme that operates on Genesis Framework.

The first reason, that it has a built-in customization panel’s comprehensive, shows that the prose has a design that is not enough so as not to complicate the blogger to set up a comprehensive panel where you can easily and quickly design your website.

While the second reason, that this is a child theme that operates on Genesis Framework, meaning the Genesis Framework configuration operates as a parent and child theme. Parents Genesis, design and style is determined by child themes. Because it often happens, when to update framework after the customization of existing jobs on the website, it even eliminates the amount of work that you customize. But by designing your website through the theme of children, then conversely, your customizations remain unaffected.

Premium themes that support innovation (eg such as genesis), also becomes the next reason for bloggers to use a minimalist theme. Although the theme of free and premium themes there is no difference that is too big, but still there are a few things stand out that will deliver significant changes on your site. A good minimalist theme and most reliable is the StudioPress, with Genesis, is a leader in innovation theme. Flexibility and ease of use into what is the most favored by the bloggers.

To change your views on the design required at least some reason. Among these things, maybe you can consider it.

1 – When you decide to use a minimalist theme, then after a while, maybe you want to change it back because of what is seemingly on the theme of minimalism is boring, so you decide to redesign your site. If you are using Prose in Genesis Framework, all you need to do is install another theme of children and you’re navigational and configuration layout remains largely the same.

2 – Control of the child theme will help you to make arrangements. Like when you install a new theme, then you do not need to repeat the customization all over again. And without a child theme, you have to work twice. In the long term, this is a very good asset.

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